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Walking Tours

Bewitched After Dark (2016)
180 Essex Street
Where the history is more frightening than fiction. The Bewitched After Dark walking tour was created by a Salem native and local historian. We're not going to disillusion you by dressing up in a costume, talk with an accent or call ourselves a Ghost Tour. We are straight, up front, a Historical Walking Tour.  We will, however, tell you a couple of the well known Ghost stories told for generations and then debunk them. You will visit the major historic sites surrounding not only the Witch Trials, but our incredible Maritime, Architectural, and Colonial History as well.  You will be given recommendations on other historic sites to visit and a few great places to eat as well. You will learn of the driving forces that ignited the Salem Witch Hunt and how it progressed throughout the year to come, leading up to the condemnation of 20 individuals, and the abrupt end of what many consider to be one of the greatest social injustices in our country's history. We recommend Purchasing Tickets Early to Reserve Your Spot on the Tour.  Tickets can be purchased  in the store or on BewitchedinSalem.com Tours run rain or shine. Ticket sales are not refundable - We reserve right to refuse attendance. Bewitched After Dark(2015) Scary Stories Tour October 2nd - October 30th   Friday and Saturday at 9:30  (No tour on Sat. the 31st.) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:30

Black Cat Tours (2016)
185 Essex Street (Pamplemousse)
Historic Day tours - 2pm
Ghostly Night tours - 8pm
A unique adventure, delving into the true history of Salem and its legacy of terrifying hauntings. Master storytellers immerse you in the fascinating tales of the Witch City!

Our tour is adaptable and unscripted; discover the witchcraft trials of 1692, maritime and pirate history of the golden age of sail, ghastly tales of macabre Salem by literary masters, Hawthorne, Lovecraft, and Poe!  Pure fun, chilling, ghostly legends, our tours have it all!  We limit the size of our tours for your convenience, and have a 100% positive rating on TripAdvisor.  Family and pet friendly!

Tickets available online, or in person (day of) at Pamplemousse, $15 adults, $7 children.  See our ad for a 10% off coupon code. Tours begin on the Axelrod walkway by the PEM, between Essex and Charter St.  Directions on our website or give us a call!

Candlelit Ghostly Tour (2016)
1 Liberty Street adjacent the Old Burying Point, Salem,
Discussing the spirit activity of famed haunted locations and instructing you in the best techniques of ghost photography. Explore our mysterious city and witness live spirits right in front of your eyes during this guided journey by flickering candlelight.Tours begin nightly at 5p.m. and runs every 30 minutes until closing. $15 adults, $10 children/seniors. Multiple attraction discounted tickets available in The Haunted Neighborhood.

Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour (2016)
8 Central Street
Leaving nightly
Salem's original ghost tour since 1997 delivers Witch City's premiere ghost stroll. Delve into Salem’s macabre and unusual history as our knowledgeable and charismatic licensed guides regale you with true tales of documented paranormal activity, chilling cemeteries, centuries old murder and witchcraft. We combine captivating storytelling, macabre humor and stellar presentation to creatively convey Salem’s authentic haunted history.  Adults $14; Students/Seniors/Military/Veterans $10; Children 6 - 12  $8. Group discount available.
Also check out our daily Salem Historical Tours below.

Rory Raven's Magic Lantern Tour (2017)
Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre
7 Lynde Street
7:00 pm
Fri, Sat. Sun Oct. 6, 7, 8
Fri, Sat. Sun Oct. 13, 14, 15
Fri, Sat. Sun Oct. 20, 21, 22
Fri, Sat. Sun Oct. 27, 28, 29Using "magic lantern effects” to project images, this tour stands out by bringing stories of witches, ghosts & history to life! Enjoy a flute of CHAMPAGNE before each tour; the flute is yours to keep. Departs From Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre.  Combo tickets available with Gallows Hill Main Show

Salem's Ghost Hunt (2015)
Witch Mansion
186-1 Essex Street
Tour Departs From Witch Mansion
Dare to journey into Salem's most haunted areas conducting your own investigation where you will use the latest professional equipment searching for paranormal activity.  Salem's Ghost Hunt is the only walking tour where you conduct your own investigation into the beyond using our equipment leaving you attempting to explain the unexplainable.  Tickets sold at Witch Mansion, 186 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970, (978) 825-1300.  Limited number of tours available during October.  Call to schedule.

Salem Historical Tours, Inc. (2016)

8 Central Street 



Everyone knows Salem for its witch history but we are so much more. Come take one of our specialized tours and discover what you don’t know about Salem. You will be amazed. Check website for more details.  Daily one-hour themed walks:  12 Noon – Salem 101: General History (Seaport & Revolutionary) 1:30 pm – Grave Matters Cemetery Tour 3 pm - Tour du Jour (different tour each day. Check website) 4:30 pm - 1692 Witchcraft Walk Adults $10; Students/Seniors/Military/Veterans $8; Children 6 - 12 $6. Combo tickets available. Also check out our Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour above. 

Salem Night Tour (2015)
127 Essex Street
Nightly in October
8:00 pm Adult $13.00
Join us on a Real Ghost Tour, Meet your Tour Guide to Learn about Salem’s Best Haunts and History.
Award winning 90 minute walking tour through The Witch Cities most famous Haunts.15 Haunted Historical sites 15 accurate stories, Costumed, licensed and trained guides lead the tours...Buy Advanced Tickets Online at 

Salem Witch Village (2015)
282 Derby Street
A guided 15-minute tour discussing the myth versus the reality of witchcraft in both the ancient and modern world. Your tour guide, who is also a practicing witch, will take you through our indoor maze and demonstrate scenes that mark important landmarks in Witchcraft history. The tour discusses the origin of stereotypes such as devil worship, flying on brooms and black cats, different persecution periods such as the Salem Witch Trials and the Burning Times of Europe as well clarifies what it really means to be a witch today. Open weekdays 10am – 5pm. Not available weekends in October. Adults $8, Youth & Seniors $7.

The Legendary History of Salem (2017)
Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre
7 Lynde Street
3:00 pm
Sat. Sun Oct. 7, 8
Sat-Sun Oct.14, 15
Sat Sun Oct.21, 22
Sat-Sun Oct.28, 29
Discover Salem’s history, (Witch Trials, shipping industry and more) with author/ historian Rory Raven.  Souvenir included!

The Salem Witch Walk (2016)
Crow Haven Corner
125 Essex Street
Thursday thru Monday
11:00 am, 3:00, 5:00 & 7:00 pm
Throughout Salem, you’ll learn about the infamous trials of 1692, but what about the magic behind the stories?  Discover the truth about Salem Witchcraft as you explore the ancient magical beliefs that had long been kept hidden by families and secret traditions.  Be guided by true Salem Witches as you’re blessed in a magic circle, visit sacred sites, learn about spells, poppets, love potions, herbal charms, and even curses! Every guest receives a magic crystal blessed by a Salem Witch! 

Walking Ghost Tour (2016)
Salem Time Machine
131 Essex Street

Nightly and Weekend Days
Take this fun informational Walking Ghost Tour of America's most haunted city led by a licensed costumed guide.  Learn about the City of Salem and its notorious past from the Witch Hysteria of 1692 to tales from Olde Salem Jail in the mid 1900's.  You will walk through the Historic District to the city's famous sites and hear how the souls of Salem's past still haunt the streets today.  The Tour is 45 minutes.  Tickets are limited and sell out.  Buy your tickets online by date and time to avoid the long ticket line.  Email: salemtimemachine@yahoo.com for group information.