Salem Souvenir Box

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"ORIGINAL" - Unique One of a Kind

* Limited Quantity * ONLY 24 in Stock!

Salem, MA. / Halloween Souvenir Box

Example of a sample box comes with various items mentioned below... each box varies based on inventory on hand at the time of purchase - some but not all items included - each box value meets market price:





-key chain





-enamel pin

-glossy photo 4x6

-witch hat w/ charm

-quartz crystal

-chakra wand

-spirit / blessing pouch w/ (4" sage smudge / spell candle (colors will vary) / palo santo / crystal (will vary))                         (please note spirit pouch retails $8-10)

-stickers and misc. handmade tags related to Halloween / Salem / Fall

**Each box is unique - due to supplies and quantities box souvenirs will vary.  Please note images above are samples not every box will be the same!  All souvenirs are genuine from Salem, some items are handcrafted by #hhmagazine.

Please allow 7-10 days for fulfillment / processing & shipping.  Supply in demand boxes will vary based on inventory on hand at the time of your order.**

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